Each seating area has 3 feet between the other seating areas. Yellow=1 person. Orange=2 people. Light Blue=3 people. Purple=4 people. Green=5 people. Dark Blue=6 people.

Each seating area has 2 feet in width for each person (camping chairs are about 20 inches wide). The distance between the back of your seating area (where the back of your chair or your back would be) is 7 feet from the person in front or in back of you.

Plan to provide your own low-backed camping chair or a blanket to sit on. Prepare for sun, rain and wind. No pop up tents are allowed with the exception of our authorized VIP tents in the back.

We ask that unvaccinated people wear masks and that you request seating that provides 6 feet between you and others.

2021 Seating Chart