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Our Partnership Philosophy

SnowyGrass Music Festival partners with local businesses and non-profits to make a cohesive, feel-good community event in our beautiful, mountain community of Estes Park, Colorado.

Our partners in business value the arts in our community, as well as the good accomplished by our varied non-profits. In 2017, our festival was a FREE ADMISSION event. All the proceeds for sales of Estes Park's local craft beverages benefited our non-profit partner, the Estes Arts District. 3 other non-profits--Roots Community School, No Barriers USA, and Estes Park Pet Association--were present at our festival due to the special sponsorships created for local businesses.

In 2018, we are going to do even more for our partners. Since the event on Saturday is a FREE ADMISSION event, we will have a suggested donation of $10 per adult to be divided among the non-vending non-profits who are representing themselves AT the festival.