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Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum, a souped-up, left-coast string band, is the brainchild of five uniquely gifted musicians who weave their love of bluegrass, folk, jazz and soul into a riveting strain of Americana. String bass and five-alarm fiddle merge with guitar, banjo, mandolin and drums to frame the voices of its two contrasting writers, fueling a dance party with roots in Appalachia and its branches in California. It’s a sound that’s as tough to describe as it is easy to love. Nearly twenty years into its journey, HBR’s music, dreamed up in the backcountry of the High Sierra and the basements of San Francisco, has found its way into the hearts, minds and bodies of fans nationwide. The band continues to tour year-round in support of its many albums and social causes.

Blue Canyon Boys

The Blue Canyon Boys are equal parts purists and innovators when it comes to bluegrass: they stay true to the form’s roots while constantly re-imagining their relationship to tradition. The result is a toe-tapping mix of haunting standards, genre-bending arrangements, and catchy original numbers—all built on the bedrock of their collective bluegrass mastery. They bring it all: seamless brother-duet style, crisp instrumentation, unvarnished lyrics and subversive humor. After winning first place at the 2008 Telluride Bluegrass festival band contest, the Blue Canyon Boys went off at full tilt, taking the bluegrass circuit by storm, performing in illustrious venues across the country as well as internationally. Their distinctive sound, honed from over a decade of performing together, moves easily from instrumental wizardry to playful ribbing. Whether calling on their old timey musical roots or reconnoitering the future, the band’s musical prowess never wavers. This is high lonesome sound at its best: a driving pulse that weaves through harmonies and fierce rhythms. Classic bluegrass, clean and raw, blends effortlessly with the band’s homegrown compositions, then peppered with a judicious cover or two, such as the band’s riveting take on Pink Floyd’s “Time.”

Damn Tall Buildings

 In their early days, Damn Tall Buildings didn’t rehearse – they busked. Now, whether live or on record, the band still radiates the energy of a ragtag crew of music students playing bluegrass on the street. But anchoring that energy is their instrumental chops, their strong songwriting, and their varied influences that stretch beyond bluegrass, even beyond American roots music altogether. Whether sharing lead vocals and instrumental solos or blending their voices into high-spirited harmony, Damn Tall Buildings are a tight unit that contains more than the sum of its parts.

Jeff Scroggins & The Scroggdogs

Jeff Scroggins and the Scroggdogs is a hard core traditional bluegrass band…and so much more! Founded by internationally acclaimed five string banjo player Jeff Scroggins and designed to be a showpiece of the gritty, raw energy and excitement of the West Coast bluegrass scene, it’s members are the cream of the crop of amazing pickers from California that were and continue to be inspired by Vern Williams, (Vern and Ray and the Vern Williams Band) who moved to California from his home in Newton County, Arkansas. His influence on the bluegrass scene on the West Coast and in California (and especially Northern California) would be hard to overestimate.

Hunker Down

Hunker Down is a hard driving acoustic band that is carving a new sound while paying respect to the traditions that came before them. Their music is spicy blend of many influences that they have decided to dub “Rocky Mountain Folk n Roll.” Based in Bluegrass, good songwriting, and soulful country rock, they have found a way to harness the groove that lifts audiences energy high and leaves them wanting more. The band consists of Andy Straus on guitar and vocals, The Real McCoy on keys and vocals, Danjo Harris on Banjo and Electric mandolin, Denton Turner on Upright Bass, and Scotty Hicks on Drums.

The High Road Home brings you a progressive bluegrass sound with a clear focus on lyrically-driven songwriting.

“The music, it moves me... I got pushed over by one band in the competition. The High Road Home.”

Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth on The High Road Home’s 2019 UllrGrass Band Competition win.

Jackson Earles Band

From the traditional roots of bluegrass to the new acoustic sound, Jackson Earles finds inspiration and desire that drives his individual sense of playing.

Dahlby & Nadine Band

Dahlby & Nadine is a duo that was born out of a local bluegrass jam in Estes Park, Colorado. They discovered they had a similar drive to make music and write songs. The first time they blended their voices, they knew they had a sound vibration that must be shared, and a playful energy not to be contained. Their songwriting contains clever lyrics with irony and metaphor, and their arrangement of old standards is refreshing.

The duo has recently enjoyed playing as a band with bassist and vocalist Steve Tice, as well as with the talented fiddle player, Jackson Earles.

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