Beginning in 2016, this beautiful and quaint riverside music festival has filled the mountain air with the sweet sounds of Bluegrass and Americana string bands in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. Don’t let the name fool you--it takes place in the summertime on the softest, greenest grass under a simple tent with Prospect Mountain as its backdrop. It feels like festivals used to--simple, family oriented, dog friendly, and free-spirited. Come enjoy local craft beverages, food trucks, and a welcoming community of music lovers.

"We were visiting from Kansas and love bluegrass. So glad we made plans to attend, it was so fun! The sound was perfection, and the performers were dynamite! Local beer was great too!! I truly hope we’ll be able to attend next year. Kudos!!"

--Teresa Denison-Davis

"The musicians were awesome and such a fun a friendly vibe from everyone. Loved it!"--Heather Eldridge


Our History

Bluegrass jams began in our community nearly 20 years ago, started by a group of friends and musicians from the band, ReinTarnation. This tradition has continued on a regular basis, and is loved by locals and visitors alike.  Come celebrate bluegrass with our beautiful community!

SNOWYGRASS began in 2016 with a conversation.  Candice Mohr, of Snowy Peaks Winery, is a supporter of LIVE MUSIC in Estes Park, and is a fan of Ran Off the Rooster--a local bluegrass band. She wanted to showcase these fine musicians as well as ReinTarnation and others. As a thank you to the community for supporting her for a decade in her winery, she created a bluegrass festival! She had 3 bands, Ran Off the Rooster, ReinTarnation, and Follow the Fox on stage. Attendees were able to enjoy her wine, eat delicious food, and take in the beauty of the river. Our community of bluegrass musicians and supporters loved it so much, they hoped it would continue year after year. Thanks to our sponsors, this celebration continues.