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We are a Non Profit { 501c3 } founded to provide a safe reliable alternative to drinking and driving.  We now offer everyone drinking or not safe reliable rides including all the following.  Rides to and from bars, breweries, dining, weddings, grocery, shopping, events, airport runs or deliveries. You name it, we will get you there and back. By donation only. You donate whatever you feel the ride was worth. Proudly serving Estes Park, its visitors, and the community.  




The Special Consensus is a bluegrass band that has achieved a contemporary sound in their four decades of performing, making their music a modern classic. The band is led by Greg Cahill (banjo player and recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Achievement Award from the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) and inducted into the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America Hall of Greats) and includes Greg Blake (guitar), Dan Eubanks (bass) and Nate Burie (mandolin). Special Consensus has received six awards from the IBMA and two Grammy nominations.



The Blue Canyon Boys are equal parts purists and innovators when it comes to Bluegrass: they stay true to the form’s roots while constantly reimagining their relationship to tradition. The result is a toe-tapping mix of haunting standards, genre-bending arrangements, and catchy original numbers—all built on the bedrock of their collective bluegrass mastery. Ever since founding members Jason Hicks and Gary Dark launched the Blue Canyon Boys in 2006, the Blue Canyon Boys have raised the bar for bluegrass bands. They bring it all: seamless brother-duet style, crisp instrumentation, unvarnished lyrics and subversive humor. 



Rapidgrass embodies the notion that nature, and particularly mountains, can bring out the best in our art, and we have dedicated much of our creative energy into bringing that art back to the people of the mountains. Rapidgrass focuses on travel to mountain towns and inspires mountain people and athletes around the globe. Our music is motivated by and made for those who find peace in the mountains. We focus our energy on outdoor mountain lifestyle/culture events. Focusing our travels to mountain towns has also given us a great palate of mountain music styles to draw from including styles from North America, France, Italy, Russia, Tibet, Argentina, and Ireland.



Chain Station is a 4-piece, high-energy, get ‘em out on the dance floor string band from Denver, Colorado. Their music is well-steeped in Americana roots, with vocal harmonies that are high, lonesome, and tight. Their picking ranges from lightning-fast to mountain mellow. They are a bluegrass band that would satisfy a picky old-timer and delight fans of newgrass, a delicate balance indeed.

They've become known for winning over crowds with creative, fun original songs that flow from the mountains, through them and right back to you. Pure Mountain Music! It's obvious these guys love what they do, engaging their growing fan base with energy and stage antics that guarantee one hell of a night out.

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CPG All-Stars is a power band coming together one time only on the SnowyGrass stage. It is comprised of five extremely talented women, featuring: Melody Walker (Front Country), Enion Pelta-Tiller (TAARKA), Bonnie Sims, Erin Youngberg (FY5), and Megan Cody (Cody Sisters)



Formed in 2017, Buffalo Commons is a Steamboat Springs, Colorado grown project that moves the souls of all in the room. Harmonizing vocals, and tight musicianship has sling-shot the band into the Colorado Music scene with a huge infectious energy and incredible loyal and fun-loving “Herd” of fans behind them.

One can’t help but be captivated by singer/songwriter and guitarist Tyree Woods‘ soulful yet powerful voice. Band Members Eric Baker on mandolin, Randy Kelley on fiddle, Gabe Riding on Banjo, and Denton Turner on upright bass provide a full body of sound to match the emotion and intensity of Tyree’s vocals.

2020 FoF Dahlby and Nadine_Moment 2 (2).

d&n BAND

d&n is a duo that was born out of a local bluegrass jam in Estes Park, Colorado. They discovered they had a similar drive to make music and write songs. The first time they blended their voices, they knew they had a sound vibration that must be shared, and a playful energy not to be contained. Their songwriting contains clever lyrics with irony and metaphor, and their arrangement of old standards is refreshing.

The duo has recently enjoyed playing as a band with bassist and vocalist Steve Tice, as well as with the talented fiddle player, Jackson Earles. They will be joined by Chris (C Bob) Elliot on banjo.


Bottlerocket Hurricane

Bottlerocket Hurricane was formed over the course of a whirlwind 3 years. Colleen Murphy is a visual artist and songwriter from Denver. She searched for a long time to find a team with the heart, soul & talent to match her musical vision.  That is the crew that is BRH. Joined by amazing songwriters Ben Hanrahan (Hog Magundy) on-Lead Guitar,   Jack Laub-Mandolin, , Dan Pink-percussion, Don O'Gorman-bass,, Bottlerocket Hurricane will launch you into auditory airspace.